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I decided to put together a super introductory ultra friendly bikepacking overnighter on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, as part of Adventure Cycling Association’s Bike Travel Weekend. It’s a weekend in June where we try to get as many people out travelling by bike, and I managed to get 3 cyclists who had never tried bike-camping before to come along and try it out. Pretty straight forward weekend. Everyone showed up with their camping gear, bike, and some method to carry it all on their bike, or in most people’s case, on their backs. It was only a 15km ride to the Hydraulic Lake Recreation Site, so I wasn’t worried about how the gear was packed as long as we got out for the night. Big thanks to Zach, Sam, and Sean for tagging along! Got me thinking about guided bikepacking trips….

After that relaxing trip I got all hyped up to ride super far, so I left from downtown Kelowna, climbed up to the KVR via Gillard Service Road then took the rail trail down to Chute Lake before carrying on to Naramata and back. 130km and just over 1,900m of climbing, and a lot of rain on the way home. Here are some photos from that scout of a chunk of the BC EPIC 1000 route.

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