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Sneaky Socks – The Fastest Bike Socks on Earth

About a month ago I started planning my group’s final expedition, or final project, for the Outdoor Adventure program at Algonquin College. The group decided on a bikepacking [minimalist style mountain bike touring] trip from Fruita, Colorado to Moab, Utah via the Kokopelli Trail. The 254km trail will bring our group on some of the most popular singletrack in the world, challenging us both physically and mentally with huge climbs and fast descents. There have been other Algonquin College groups to attempt the Kokopelli, many have failed, so we have an elite group of cyclists that are ready to show this trail what’s up. The trip will take place between April 14th and 26th 2016, more info to come!


This brings me to a few days before Christmas…

I was looking over some of the gear I would require for the trip; frame bags, handlebar bags, saddle bags, hydration packs, minimalist meals, lightweight camping gear.. the list could go on for a while. However, the most important item, often overlooked by even the most talented cyclists, are of course SOCKS. 

Sneaky Socks

I knew I would not be able to successfully ride the Kokopelli with just any ordinary socks. I’ve tried the readily accessible “big” brands like Smart Wool and Ice Breaker, but knew I would need something special to make me ride faster…and look doper. I read on Canadian that Evan McNeely, a national competitive rider and member of the Norco Factory Team had just launched Sneaky Socks – creating “one-of-a-kind sock designs that will leave all of your friends really jealous”. I was super impressed with the approach McNeely was taking at marketing Sneaky Socks, not to mention the socks are Canadian and look great.


High Vizzz Diagonal - Sneaky Socks
High Vizzz Diagonal


Paint My Picket Fence- Sneaky Socks
Paint My Picket Fence


Long story short… I will be taking some Sneaky Socks along with me to the Kokopelli in an attempt to improve my chances of success. I also plan to take some epic photos of the socks making fellow riders super jealous. Snag a pair of Sneaky Socks for yourself by clicking HERE.

I will leave you with an excerpt from the Sneaky Socks website that really embodies what McNeely is all about:

We are strictly a sock store specializing in custom, original sock designs that will make your friends jealous. Everybody loves socks. They provide an outlet for self expression and uniqueness while still allowing you to appear like a legitimate adult. You can’t wear a tie-dye shirt to your office job, but you can wear a pair of dope-ass socks (your boss might actually give you a promotion for the latter). Starting small, but thinking big. We need your help to get more designs flowing. Tell your wife, tell your friends, tell your kids, tell your dog.

sneaky socks
Sneaky Socks

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